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Day 20 Counting the Omer Yesod she b’Tiferet

Foundation within Harmony

Looking for stability after days of computer, blog, website glitches. Need the steadiness to be the basis of harmony and balance….sometimes the theme of the Omer counting is so well aligned with life!

Today we focus on the relationship between creative energy/generative energy and the beautiful balance that can be created with it, through it. We become supple, flexibly responsive to whatever comes our way.

The intervening days without Omer postings are now part of our collective past! Here’s hoping that the electronic gremlins behave themselves now!!!

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Day 13 Counting the Omer 2013 Yesod she b’Gevurah

Foundation within Discernment

The Mishnah states: “Al shlosha devarim ha’olam omed: al haTorah, v’al haAvodah v’al Gmilut Chasadim” The world stands upon three things: Torah, service/devotion/prayer and good deeds. These form the foundation which guides our actions, today and every day. Life goals and our family/community structures rely on foundational principles, principles which guide by letting us know appropriate boundaries. Today we focus on how our spiritual paths rely on a strong foundation in text, tradition, experience, teaching, guidance, and culture.

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Day 6 of the Omer; Yesod she b’Chesed (open after sunset–posted early-going out of town overnight)

Yesod she b’Chesed Foundation within Lovingkindness

Jewish tradition teaches that each generation stands on the shoulders of the last. Thus we are able to see farther into the future by standing high, on a firm foundation. Today we remember that this entire pyramid of generations is supported by story, memory and love. Without the foundation, the pyramid, like a tower of cheerleaders, can tumble. The parade of generations is like a caravan over time, where precious cargo is guarded lovingly and passed on at each oasis.

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DAY 18,19,20: Netzach, Hod and Yesod she b’Tiferet!!!

Two day silent retreat….so the blog was also silent. Many wonderful practices learned and practiced with the other 35 people at the retreat led by Rabbi Jeff Roth. Netzach and Hod were perfect days for retreat…to keep going and going and going, keep coming back to awareness as a way toward balance…followed by increasing awareness of the intricate and amazing interconnectedness among all things, keeping the dynamic equilibrium of the cosmos going….whew! Now, tonight, we move into Yesod…the foundation structure which ’sits’ right under Tiferet…a straight line of connection. Reminding me that heart-ful, compassionate acts in the world must have a clearly defined basis. While RAKS (‘random acts of kindness’) are nice, it’s only focused ones that accumulate toward real change.

Coming out of silence is fascinating…a combination of wanting to talk out of pent-up ideas spilling out matched with a longing for that sweet silence to continue. Having this retreat during the week of Tiferet was perfect timing (of course…it’s ALL perfect timing…it’s just that we don’t always notice that fact!)

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DAY 13: Yesod she b’Gevurah

Some of you know that, among other things, I have a degree in Architecture. Today is a good day to remember some of the things I learned in that field–applicable not only to actual physical structures, but to the other structures of our lives: the emotional frameworks upon which we rely, the intellectual assumptions that help us understand the world, and the spiritual web into which each of our moments is woven.

Firm foundations help structures be strong, but firm does not mean rigid. The best foundations are responsive to conditions (soil, culture, history) and result in the ability to be appropriate when crises occur. In the midst of those crises- hurricanes, divorces, job challenges etc–we are more able to discern our best choices when we stand on firm foundations.

Yesod is a carefully designed foundation underlying the discernments of Gevurah. May each of our boundaries be undergirded by faith that the One is the foundation of All.

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DAY 6: Yesod she b’Chesed

Another synchronicity.  Earlier today I did a workshop in Santa Fe on counting the Omer.  There was no pre-registration, so I had no idea how many people would come.  To help ‘tune in’ to the amazing extravagance of detail in our physical world, I brought a basket full of sea shells to hand out for people to hold and examine.  Appropriate for crossing the seas…..There were EXACTLY the same number of shells in the basket as people at the workshop!  And a splended variety of people…as well as shells!

Yesod provides stability at the point on the tree where all the upper sephirot gather together before the final step….I sometimes think of it as the point on which the dreidl spins—with gravity holding it toward it’s destination.  A solid foundation is a necessary part of love that can grow, adapt and grow again.  Without that firmness, it begins to wobble.  Yesod is placed at the genitals, the source of our future, the holding area for DNA….infused into lovingkindness, as it is today, we can be hopeful about generations to come.

Blessings for a good crossing!

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