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DAY 23: Gevurah she b’Netzach

It’s counterintuitive, but sometimes in order to persevere, we need to stop. That’s part of the message of Discernment within Endurance….it’s the old country song of ‘know when to hold ‘em; know when to fold ‘em’! I often think of the work I do with families as parents and grandparents age and become increasingly frail and dependent. Thoughtful balancing between considerations of safety and autonomy is necessary. Sometimes, as when an adult child decides to take the car keys away from their parent who is no longer competent to safely drive, the decision to stop (driving, in this case) contributes directly to the opportunity to continue (living safely, in this case).

May we all discern carefully today in order to choose those paths which lead to continuity in the most positive ways.



DAY 22:Chesed she b’Netzach

Lovingkindness within Endurance…translation: how love keeps us going! I often think of Chesed as the endless source of universal loving energy–certainly that’s what has sustained me during some tough times when my ‘own’ energy seemed to have been tapped out. I spent some time recently with someone who had recently turned 100 years old—and was full of energy (and then took a nap)! The nap was, I think, part of the self-care that has enabled him to keep going. Chesed she b’Netzach in action!

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DAY 18,19,20: Netzach, Hod and Yesod she b’Tiferet!!!

Two day silent retreat….so the blog was also silent. Many wonderful practices learned and practiced with the other 35 people at the retreat led by Rabbi Jeff Roth. Netzach and Hod were perfect days for retreat…to keep going and going and going, keep coming back to awareness as a way toward balance…followed by increasing awareness of the intricate and amazing interconnectedness among all things, keeping the dynamic equilibrium of the cosmos going….whew! Now, tonight, we move into Yesod…the foundation structure which ’sits’ right under Tiferet…a straight line of connection. Reminding me that heart-ful, compassionate acts in the world must have a clearly defined basis. While RAKS (‘random acts of kindness’) are nice, it’s only focused ones that accumulate toward real change.

Coming out of silence is fascinating…a combination of wanting to talk out of pent-up ideas spilling out matched with a longing for that sweet silence to continue. Having this retreat during the week of Tiferet was perfect timing (of course…it’s ALL perfect timing…it’s just that we don’t always notice that fact!)

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DAY 4: Persistance within Lovingkindness

Netzach she b’Chesed will be coming soon, along with Shabbat, as the sun goes down here. I am reminded of how long, successful relationships require many small acts of caring, persistance, endurance. During the weekly grief group I run, I often hear of people who cared for their loved ones during a protracted final illness, moments of caring piled up upon moments of caring. Whether we are caring for our loved ones, or about an issue about which we feel passionately, our netzach keeps infusing the energy we need to help compassion flow. Shabbat shalom!

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