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DAY 14: Malchut/Shechina she b’Gevurah

Indwelling Presence within Discernment…gee, doesn’t that include everything we do with kavvanah? I was thinking about how, many years ago, I was studying physics and struggled mightily with the idea (which I was supposed to blindly accept), that there was a force equal to gravity that was somehow “pushing up” and keeping me on the earth. Now, however, the idea that Divine Energy is simultaneously within my depths and flowing through me is NOT a problematic concept! Indwelling Presence seems obvious–and the multidirectional flow seems elementary. I guess there is something to the concept of slow spiritual maturation.

Malchut, on some deep etymological level, refers to counsel, not only to control. That kind of sovereign makes sense to me–imagine a place headed by a wise and thoughtful counselor who made decisions based on knowledge of the Endless. That could be our communities, our countries…or even ourselves! To paraphrase a song–wouldn’t that be lover-ly!

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