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DAY 1: Tuesday evening at the second Seder: Chesed she b’Chesed

Chesed….flowering, flowing lovingkindness sprinkling caring over all of us.  Imagine…we’re just newly free, having survived the physical hardships of slavery, the emotional pain of few choices, the intellectual restrictions of living under a foreign ruler and the spiritual doubts that must have accompanied those many years in Egypt.  And then, those plagues…one after another, increasing in severity and yet, still, we were not allowed to leave.  And then, just yesterday, miraculously and amidst great peril, we fled to freedom…and into the unknown.

Fear, uncertainty and confusion are helped by the kind of lovingkindness within lovingkindness that is the theme of this, the first day of our counting.  The kind of love that surrounds us, helps us find courage in the face of danger.  The kind of love that supports us as we take tentative first steps on our own, without orders from taskmasters.  The kind of love that we find within us as we begin to understand what has just happened, that we are free to, finally, begin to discover who we are.

So, too, for us today.  This first day of the journey toward revelation is based on the deepest knowledge that endless love, from the Source of kindness, is available with every step and every breath.  Today, we celebrate in gentleness, in gratitude, in awe.

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