5773 is fading…Preparing for 5774

We are just days away from Rosh HaShanah, a time of year when we look inward, anticipating change. This year I’m doing a lot of meditating on Tzimtzum, that process of withdrawal and concentration that allows space for the new. Kabbalistically, G!d made space for physical creation through an act of tzimtzum….for me, it is a psychospiritual process.

Traditionally, this time of year requires asking forgiveness from those we may have hurt. Only after that do we approach the Source of All Space and Time with a similar request. But in order to approach others, we need to start with ourselves. Knowing ourselves better than anyone else, we can be (and often are) our own worst enemies. My internal editor is much harsher than any external critic would be. I know my weaknesses, my failings, my ….. etc. Until I’m really prepared to forgive my own imperfections, I can’t proceed speaking honestly with others in my life.

That brings me to tzimtzum…the process of concentrating my energies so that the ‘empty spaces’ between ‘bits of content’ are minimized and the ‘bits of content’ are closer to each other–the way atoms might be in closer relation with each other. Doing this forces me to confront what might be uncomfortable, to do the necessary work of transition from one year to the next in spiritual honesty. At the same time, tzimtzum creates new opportunities, psychospiritual spaciousness at the new ‘edges’ beyond what has been concentrated. Growth, we are told by those in the natural sciences, occurs at the edges….so may it be for us.

Blessing everyone with a healthy, sweet, fulfilling, joyous, meaningful New Year….may we soon experience peace within ourselves, our families, our communities, our nations and across the world.


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