Day 47 Counting the Omer 2013 Hod she b’Malchut/Shechina

Splendor within Indwelling Presence

For many people, awe is the basis of our first spiritual experiences. Being amazed at a natural phenomenon is one accessible experience (tonight the clouds were illuminated by the setting sun, highlighted against the glowing mountains, for example). Feeling in touch with some larger reality, as at a birth or a death, is another. For others, it is the clarity that accompanies an intellectual realization. For still others, the sense of overcoming overwhelming odds and accomplishing a difficult task. In all these cases, we remember that there are many magnificent aspects of the Divine, each contributing, each facet magnifying and beautifying the Whole. Each of us is part of the splendor that is inextricably part of the Holy Presence, that One of which we are a part and which is a part of us. The prayer “Ayn od milvado”, loosely translated as “there is nothing except the Oneness” reminds us of the eternal unfolding in which we are honored to participate.

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