Day 46 Counting the Omer 2013 Netzach she b’Malchut/Shechina

Endurance within Indwelling Presence

We’re on the home stretch toward Shavuot as we enter the last Shabbat of this year’s Omer journey.  Having gotten this far on this daily practice is evidence of a certain kind of endurance, but it is just a hint of the kind of endurance we all need throughout our lives.  One component of creating a new reality, or recognizing the new Reality which surrounds us daily, is patience.  An important component of endurance is patience.  The practice of meditation, an ancient Jewish practice as well as a spiritual technique used by many other religious traditions, is one of building the kind of internal patience needed to contribute to a world where Presence is not only present (which it is all the time) but a world where we are aware of that Presence.  The Hebrew word for meditation is Hitbonenut, based on the root word Boneh, which refers to building.  Let this Shabbat be one where we meditate, be in joy during Shabbat, and build our spiritual connections.

Shabbat shalom!

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