Day 39 Counting the Omer 2013 Netzach she b’Yesod

Endurance within Foundation

The old song “inch by inch, row by row, we’re gonna make this garden grow’ seems appropriate for the theme of this day of Counting the Omer.  Effort, diligence, determination are the necessary building blocks for any strong structure, whether that is a physical one like a house, or a spiritual practice like daily expressions of gratitude.  Today, Shabbat, we recognize that small acts that add up are not necessarily the kinds of work we avoid on Shabbat, but can be smiles, offers of assistance, harmonizing with someone else’s Shabbos melody, shaking hands with a newcomer at services or opening a book we’ve been meaning to read for a long time.  Goals that require slow, steady effort may seem beyond attaining, but, throughout Jewish history, it has been those that have endured.  Jewish history is an unbroken story of endurance, leaving a legacy of a strong foundation for us to build upon today.

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