Day 29 Counting the Omer 2013 Chesed she b’Hod

Lovingkindness within Splendor

Compssion sometimes is manifest in small, surprising ways.  I’m reminded of the song with the line “Hello, in there”, referring to the humanity we can see in strangers we encounter, when we remember to really SEE them.  I suppose I’m particularly aware of that tonight, since I’m in Manhattan, which I sometimes forget is so full of people!  Going for a long walk on city streets, passing a huge variety of people hurrying about their business in their busy-ness, I remember the unspoken prohibition against making eye contact with them.  A smile on the street from a stranger can have powerful impact here – is it an invitation? a come-on? should I be afraid?  What if I am the person initiating that smile? A little bit of caring, even if it’s just to move aside to allow a person in a hurry to pass me on the crowded sidewalk, can mean a lot.  The many miniature impacts of such caring multiply, a manifestation of splendor!

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