Day 8 Counting the Omer 2013 Chesed she b’Gevurah

Gevurah is sometimes be translated as ‘Judgment’, which is then sometimes understood as ‘Judgmental’!  I think of Gevurah as Discernment–why?  The process of judging is one of thoughtful, careful examination to determine where truth lies, or what the implications might be of a certain decision.  It is not a process of deciding ahead of time what an acceptable outcome, opinion or action might be.  When we are judgmental, we pre-judge–we decide before examining the subtleties, the mitigating factors, the context or the history.  When we discern, we look at situations with magnification, with a multiple lensed approach.

Today, Chesed she b’Gevurah, we peer through the lens of everlasting care, using that flow to help us focus on whatever it is we need to discern.

For me, some small computer problems delayed today’s posting…but with loving kindness toward myself and my computer, I discerned the problem and this  is now ready to post!!!

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