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DAY 21: Malchut/Shechina she b’Tiferet

Indwelling Presence within Harmony….In English, the word “Presence” can be taken so many ways–as in ‘aware’=present; as in ‘attending’ = not absent; as in ‘gift’= a present; as in ‘an additional, noticeable energy’= a presence.  I was thinking, as this day of the Omer count began, of looking at the word differently: as ‘pre’ ’sense’…before sensation.  G!d energy surrounds us, pervades us, dwells within us.  It existed, as we are reminded in Adon Olam, before there was a before.  The Divine precedes sensation…and then infuses it.  It’s everywhere–Ein Od Milvado…there is nothing except this Presence.  Today we pause, at the conclusion of the third week of counting the Omer, to recognize how Divinity contributes to our balance, simultaneously supporting and enlivening the beauty of our lives.