DAY 18,19,20: Netzach, Hod and Yesod she b’Tiferet!!!

Two day silent retreat….so the blog was also silent. Many wonderful practices learned and practiced with the other 35 people at the retreat led by Rabbi Jeff Roth. Netzach and Hod were perfect days for retreat…to keep going and going and going, keep coming back to awareness as a way toward balance…followed by increasing awareness of the intricate and amazing interconnectedness among all things, keeping the dynamic equilibrium of the cosmos going….whew! Now, tonight, we move into Yesod…the foundation structure which ’sits’ right under Tiferet…a straight line of connection. Reminding me that heart-ful, compassionate acts in the world must have a clearly defined basis. While RAKS (‘random acts of kindness’) are nice, it’s only focused ones that accumulate toward real change.

Coming out of silence is fascinating…a combination of wanting to talk out of pent-up ideas spilling out matched with a longing for that sweet silence to continue. Having this retreat during the week of Tiferet was perfect timing (of course…it’s ALL perfect timing…it’s just that we don’t always notice that fact!)

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