DAY 13: Yesod she b’Gevurah

Some of you know that, among other things, I have a degree in Architecture. Today is a good day to remember some of the things I learned in that field–applicable not only to actual physical structures, but to the other structures of our lives: the emotional frameworks upon which we rely, the intellectual assumptions that help us understand the world, and the spiritual web into which each of our moments is woven.

Firm foundations help structures be strong, but firm does not mean rigid. The best foundations are responsive to conditions (soil, culture, history) and result in the ability to be appropriate when crises occur. In the midst of those crises- hurricanes, divorces, job challenges etc–we are more able to discern our best choices when we stand on firm foundations.

Yesod is a carefully designed foundation underlying the discernments of Gevurah. May each of our boundaries be undergirded by faith that the One is the foundation of All.

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