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DAY 12: Hod she b’Gevurah

After a keep on goin’, keep on goin’ day full of sunshine and mild breezes and appreciation of the amazing process by which the lovely flowers on my pear tree will, B”H, develop into pears!

Hod she b’Gevurah is one of my favorites: a day which always calls me to be more aware of the details in nature than usual. As the sun was setting into this day, there were pink streaks in the clouds, no, maybe they were blue or purple, or that ’sky-blue-pink’ that is so hard to describe. I plan to spend part of tonight/tomorrow contemplating some of the many various parts of my personal history which help me make good judgments now, well into my adulthood. Hod, as amazing variety and detail…..infusing my ability to discern. There are so many choices in life…yet so many of us often see only black or white, left or right, right or wrong….today is a day for going beyond the shades of gray…into the rainbow.

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