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DAY 10: Tiferet she b’Gevurah

It really was a Gevurah she b’Gevurah day before the sun went down!  The clearest example was helping a couple whose combined age was 185 years (!) move out of their home into an assisted living apartment. Helping them distinguish the issues of safety vs familiarity, helping them discern the positive aspects of a change they had dreaded, and then helping their family be strong enough to insist that they accept the loving boundaries of a changed living situation….I was grateful for the spiritual strength available to me on this day of the Omer journey; I needed it to help them.

Tonight was something completely new in Albuquerque—a women’s Maimouna event.  Over 120 Jewish women gathered — from across the spectrum of affiliation and observance — to mark the traditionally Moroccan celebration that follows Passover.  Harmony, beauty and balance were everywhere (along with delicious food, great singing and warm greetings)….tiferet then helped in the discernment necessary for the more serious part of the evening–table discussions on the meaning of freedom for us as women today.  The stories were powerful, funny, informative and unusual….as we went around at each table, there were tales of oppression and liberty, of limited opportunity and tremendous growth.  The whole evening reflected the theme of the tenth day of the Omer — harmony within discernment and balance as an essential element of strength.  May the hours that complete this day follow that most memorable beginning.

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