DAY 7: Malchut/Shechina she b’Chesed

In Jewish tradition, seven is the number of completion, of a kind of ’sealing’. Seven circles during the wedding ceremony, seven stops between the funeral coach and the gravesite, seven days in the week….a pause for appreciating, accepting, understanding the new reality at the pause point. The seventh day of the Omer marks the end of Passover, when the foods of remembering are enjoyed for the last time until next year. The transition from slavery toward freedom is eased this way; by paying special attention to the special restrictions on what we eat this first week of the Omer, we do not have to be faced with the overwhelming choices of total freedom.

Malchut/Shechina is about sovereignty; recognizing that the spark of Divine within us gives us special power and special responsibility. “Dominion” does not only mean “dominate”, but also “territory”. We control our own internal territory. Today’s task is to focus that personal control toward caring, in the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual worlds. So may it be.

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