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DAY 6: Yesod she b’Chesed

Another synchronicity.  Earlier today I did a workshop in Santa Fe on counting the Omer.  There was no pre-registration, so I had no idea how many people would come.  To help ‘tune in’ to the amazing extravagance of detail in our physical world, I brought a basket full of sea shells to hand out for people to hold and examine.  Appropriate for crossing the seas…..There were EXACTLY the same number of shells in the basket as people at the workshop!  And a splended variety of people…as well as shells!

Yesod provides stability at the point on the tree where all the upper sephirot gather together before the final step….I sometimes think of it as the point on which the dreidl spins—with gravity holding it toward it’s destination.  A solid foundation is a necessary part of love that can grow, adapt and grow again.  Without that firmness, it begins to wobble.  Yesod is placed at the genitals, the source of our future, the holding area for DNA….infused into lovingkindness, as it is today, we can be hopeful about generations to come.

Blessings for a good crossing!

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