DAY 5: Splendor within Lovingkindness

During the Netzach Shabbat which just went out, I was amazed at how often the word “netzach” appears in the Shabbat liturgy! Netzach netzachim! We did a brief meditation before Pesukei d’Zimra about how persistance over time has helped us keep the lovingkindess in Shabbat.

Now, on to Hod, which I envision as the splendidness of multiplicity, of complexity, of variety. Think of it as, in a way, Gevurah (boundaries) under an electron microscope. We can perceive amazing details, discern fantastic differentiations at the level of Hod. The path from Hod to Chesed goes through Tiferet, reminding us that awareness of splendor, infused with beauty informs and enhances the expression of lovingkindness. We can encounter many varieties of Chesed each day; today, the fifth day of the Omer, we focus on being aware of them.

Shavua tov!

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  1. #1 by Rabbi T'mimah on April 4, 2010 - 1:50 pm

    Yes, I too am amazed at how the points of reference align beautifully. Today is day 5 Hod of Hesed. The Ana B’khoah offers the word “Tateer”; meaning allow. Give space to let the healing happen is what is coming through in the moment. Hod allows just the right amount of Hesed to come through to support transformation.
    Psalm 67 offers the “Panav” meaning God’s Face.
    We can permit G’d’s Face to meet us, to guide us. The Holy One is always present. It is up to us to tune to receiving The Holy Presence, Love and Guidance.
    Hod; points to discerning and committingto a wave, or trend and riding it out. As R Zalman says, Hod is flying like a bird flies, swimming like a fish swims. It is the prophetic.
    I, for one, am good with picking The Divine wave to ride, as it were.

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